Trinity UK’s new destinations for Summer Camps 2021

Trinity UK’s new destinations for Summer Camps 2021
29/09/2020 TrinityUK

Discover our new destinations for Summer Camps 2021

At Trinity UK we have worked very hard to make sure we could offer some of the best university campuses in the world for our Summer Camps offer in 2021, and we are so proud of our partners.

All safety aspects have been seriously taken into consideration when signing our partnerships with universities around the UK and USA, and we can make sure all students and participants will be spending their summer camps in safe, international, covid-free and friendly environments.

Our students will have the chance to stay in the very centre of London, of New York and San Diego, or to experience smaller towns in England or Wales, especially if it is their first experience abroad alone.

All our partners offer on-campus accommodation (either single-en suite or double shared rooms), with full board and 24/7 supervision by Trinity UK Staff.

Click on the buttons below to discover our discover our new destinations.



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